Howdy Partner!


“Howdy! My name is Dotty and I live at Flying Changes Riding School, in Coombs, BC. It’s a great life here, for horses and people. It’s a fun, family oriented farm, with lots of happy little kids around and contented, smiling big kids too. There are about 35 of us 4-legged, long faced people here. We have big paddocks, several grassy pastures, and a nice clean barn. There are great people taking extra good care of us. Some of us teach the happy kids and adults how to ride and care for us, while others are being taught how to jump over fences correctly, and to respond to the gentlest touches of professional trainers. Still others live here and their special people come to brush and ride them. Many of my friends here are still waiting to find there special person. Our moma, Gina Kararrigas, is always playing matchmaker for us. If you’re looking for the perfect horse or pony for you, please come and see us. I have many warmhearted, talented friends here who would love to have a special person of their own. Oh, and several times a year a bunch of us go on a road trip to see other horses and have contests. We always come home with lots of ribbons. I can’t think of a better place to live. Whether you want to learn to ride, find a fantastic home for your beloved friend, or find that specific horse or pony to fall in love with, I know you’ll find what you’re looking for at Flying Changes Riding School. I did”.

“Here’s a few scenes I’ve seen around the farm. You can sit back and watch the slideshow which will start automatically, or click on the ‘show thumbnails’ link to scroll through the images manually. Thank-you to Amanda from ‘Soul Touch Photography’ for these beautiful photos.>